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Click to check out Brenda's wonderful new novel, When Time Falls Still

Click to check out Brenda’s wonderful novel, When Time Falls Still

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Today’s question comes from Lyra Parish: When you release a new book, do you have a release day tradition?

Ace by Lyra parish

Ace by Lyra parish

In short, I don’t. That’s not to say there’s not a lot to do on release day, I just wouldn’t call these tasks a tradition as much as they are a necessity.

First and foremost is checking Amazon to see if the darn thing was actually released. There’s no worse feeling, after doing all the per-publicity, than finding out a glitch, somewhere out of your hands, kept the book from coming out. Argh!!!

Next up is doing a little social media to tell people, “Yes, it’s out.” or “Darn it, something’s wrong.” I’ll do some Facebook and Twitter promos, then write up a blog.

Then I get back to work on my next book. Because nothing I do from here will sell that new release better than having another new release.

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1 thought on “Romance Writers Weekly – Release Day Traditions

  1. I’m a little disappointed that no one does anything for their release. Maybe we should make a pact and change that. lol

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