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Today’s topic comes from Brenda Margriet – Winter means different things to different people. What do you love about winter? Why not share some of your favorite winter photos from previous years. Have you ever written a book set during winter?

Snow, wonderful snow. Does anyone remember this from 2010?

Well that incident inspired a scene in the novel I was writing at the time, Son of Thunder.

In the scene Jord Thorson, the son of the Norse Thunder God Thor, augments a blinding snowstorm to battle Surtr, the king of the fire giants, who has entered Minneapolis through a portal from another dimension.

Norse mythology fire giant of Ragnarok



In the course of the battle, Jord causes the rupture of the dome. Because of the real life winter-time event, the scene was so much fun to write. Here’s just a snippet:




The giant’s voice filled the air, echoing over the noise of the storm. “But even the mighty Thor cannot defeat Surtr.”

A chill, that had nothing to do with the raging blizzard around him, filled Jord’s gut. “Oh crap!” This was not just any fire giant. This was Surtr, the big, mean granddaddy of the fire giants. He launched Mjolnir at it again, but Surtr just shrugged off the blow.

Val flew toward him. Her sword and her entire upper body was charred. “I can’t get close enough to strike him.” She hollered over the storm. “He’s too hot.”

Jord’s instinct was to run, but he couldn’t just leave this behemoth to ravage Minneapolis. Who knew how many lives would be lost? The whole Twin Cities area would be devastated if Surtr was left to rampage through it. What could he do?

“Meet me on top of the Metrodome.” Val nodded at him and soared ahead. He was sure the giant would follow him but getting across the highway should slow the thing somewhat, giving Jord time to think.


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