Romance Writers Weekly – An interview with Galactic Marshal Kyle Kepler

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I supplied today’s topic: Tell us about the people living in your head right now. Do an interview with the hero and/or heroine of your current work in progress or your latest release.

So today I present, all the way from 300 years in the future, Galactic Marshal Kyle Kepler from my soon to be released novella, Between Venus and Mars.

Sexy masculine man shirtless outdoors against tree

Steve: Welcome Kyle.

Kyle: Wow, Steve, cool time machine.

Steve: I can’t take credit for it. I kind of stole it from Jules Vern, but I did add the fuzzy dice on the rear view mirror.

Kyle: Um, yeah, the dice. . . .nice touch. Anyway, the journey was definitely nicer than being pulled across the galaxy by a magic tree.

Steve: The Soul Mate Tree. Okay, tell me. Is the legend True? Can it really bring two Soul Mates together?

Kyle: Oh yeah. I wouldn’t have met Zana without it. We lived in completely different parts of the galaxy. I’m a Core Worlder while she lives out on the galactic rim. A real rim rat. Our story is kind of a city mouse-country mouse tale. We come from really different worlds. Only the Soul Mate Tree could have brought us together. But you don’t have to take my word for it. Read the other books in the series, they’re amazing.

Steve: Actually, Kyle, they haven’t been released yet in this time. In fact, the first one comes out tomorrow:

Realm of the Dragon (The Soul Mate Tree Book 1) by [Cordelia, CiCi]

Kyle: I guess that’s one of the advantages of coming from the future. I’ve read them all. Well, do yourself a favor and pick up Realm of the Dragon tomorrow. You won’t regret it.

Steve: I’ll do that. Thanks. Now, let’s get back to you and your story. What can you tell us about Between Venus and Mars?

Kyle: Well, there’s that magic Soul Mate Tree, a pack of mutant kangaroos, and a pretty wrecked starship.Plus I’m teleported into the middle of everything out of my shower back home, completely naked. From there, things go decidedly downhill.


Steve: But, you can handle it, right? I mean, you look to be in pretty good shape. You must work out.

Kyle: I work undercover for the Galactic Marshals. I have to be ready for anything. And for the most part, I am. Anything except, of course, Zana Starchild.

Steve: She’s quite a character.

Kyle: You have no idea. By the time I first meet her, she’s broken so many galactic laws, I have to arrest her. At least I plan to as soon as I find transport off Old Earth . . . and a pair of pants.

Steve: The whole story comes out March 15, 2017. Between Venus and Mars. You can pre-order it today at:


Kyle: You know that’s the one book in the series I haven’t read yet. I sure would like to get my hands on whoever wrote it though. He ran me through the ringer.

Steve: Um, yeah, I don’t think I know him. Anyway, it’s time to send you back to the future. I promised Jules I would get his time machine back to him by the beginning of the Renaissance. But, um, thanks for your time.

And while I take Kyle back home, hop ahead to see what characters are living in A. S. Fenichel’s head, as the Romance Writers Weekly blog hop continues at:

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