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Today’s topic comes from the wonderful Jenna Da Sie – What do you do when writer’s block hits? Share some tips for our fellow writers.

What I’ve found when I hit writer’s block is that it is usually when I’m trying to get my characters to do something they don’t want to do. It’s crazy, I know, to think that just because I’m the author here, that I get any say over what my characters do. I come up with this wonderful scene and they balk, sit down stubbornly, and don’t let me continue with the story.

Okay, I get it. Back up, delete a scene or two, and let them start telling the story the way they want to. It’s usually just a matter of where I back up to before the story starts flowing again.And sometimes I really have to think on it a few days, where I get no writing done at all.

My new approach is to write two books at the same time, going back and forth between them. That way if I get blocked on one, I can continue writing on the other while my characters get their collective shit together. Currently I have Hearts in Orbit 4 and Heavenly Wars 3 on deck to write, and both are coming along nicely. But I know a block is coming one day. This time, I’ll be ready for it.

I hope.

So, how does Leslie Hachtel deal with her writer’s block? Find out as the Romance Writers Weekly blog hop continues at:…


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