Cover Reveal – Captives of the Kratzen

It’s coming soon, and today I’m happy and proud to reveal the cover of my latest novel.

Hearts in Orbit, Volume 3:

Captives of the Kratzen


GENRE: Science Fiction Romance


This book is dedicated to all fans of the Star Trek reboot who were happy to see Spock and Uhura finally getting it on.



“We don’t even know where we are?”

Captured, stripped, and imprisoned in an alien menagerie, Tina la Cross finds herself the subject of an alien research facility, far from home. But at least she’s not alone. Her friend, Carter Arcturus, a man she’s held secret feelings for since they met, is imprisoned with her.

Carter has been intrigued with Tina for months, but their active schedule hadn’t offered any dating opportunities. Being thrown into a cage together naked really doesn’t qualify as a first date. He needs to keep his eyes open for an escape opportunity and off Tina’s sexy form.

When Carter and Tina are rescued from their prison by their Blarmling friend, Kirtl, the three begin a desperate journey across an alien galaxy. Danger and passions mix as two hearts go into orbit to find safe passage home across an alien galaxy.

Hearts in Orbit: Volume 3 – Captives of the Kratzen is a science fiction romance set in the far-flung space traveling future, continuing the series’ course across galaxies filled with love and adventure.

Coming soon from Soul Mate Publishing


3 thoughts on “Cover Reveal – Captives of the Kratzen

    • Thanks Angel. I’m really happy with it. Even though it’s a different cover artist, they made it blend in with the others from the series so well you can’t tell the difference.

      • I’m so darn excited to read your book! ❤ It's a brilliant, gripping cover!

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