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Today’s topic comes from the wonderful Jenna Da Sie – Start from the end. You’re the ghost of Christmas future. Write about your life from your funeral to the present. How were you celebrated?

Grim, yet interesting.

I hope people will smile and laugh when they remember me. I know grief is part of the process but . . . ugh.

As an author, I hope my books will live on and continued to be read. And while I don’t have any deep-seated religious beliefs, I do hope there is something beyond.

I think my greatest worry is that I know I will die with so many unwritten stories and characters in my head. Or further stories of the characters I’ve already written about. What happens to them? Could heaven be a place where they all come to life? Where I can share a tankard of mead with Jord Thorson at an inn in Asgaard? Where I can take a seat on the bridge of the Starboard Mist with Rik and the crew to fly through space?

Hopefully I’ve got a little more time yet to write. There are a lot of stories rumbling around in my head.

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