A Summer Fling

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Sand and Sin

Whether you’re joining me from Dani Jace’s blog post or starting your blog hop here, welcome.

Today’s topic comes from the wonderful Jenna Da Sie – Write a poem about summer ending.

I’ve never considered myself much of a poet, but this week’s topic inspired me to give it a try:


A summer fling


Long days, hot nights

A beach-side stroll in the pale moonlight

Stardust paints your perfect lips

Dare to take a skinny dip?


Feet sink in hot white sand

Your warm skin, my questing hand

You lay with me under the moon

Making love until we swoon


Your hand in mine, felt so secure

A relationship to build and nurture

Could it stay forever true?

Could there be a me and you?


The sun sets earlier each day

Not as much time to while away

As nights grow cold so does your heart

You ask me why we chose to start


That fight we had the other day

Was that what drove you far away?

I miss your touch, your smell, your taste

Was it truly all a waste?


You say it was a summer fling

Not true, not love, not anything

You only want to be my friend

Why did the summer have to end?


So, what do you think? Let me know in the comments down below.

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