Give me a little sugar.

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Into the Darkness by [Devine, J.J.]

Whether you’re joining me from J. J. Devine’s blog post or starting your blog hop here, welcome.

Today’s topic comes from the wonderful J. J. – What is your favorite holiday cookie recipe?

Now I’m sure the idea behind this topic is to give you all some great cookie recipes you can bake, but I’m not much of a baker or cookie maker.

However, I do consider myself a top-notch cookie eater, and when it comes to Christmas cookies, I don’t hold back, and I pretty much love them all. (Thus the continuing New Years resolution to lose weight.)

But my all-time favorite, the one i only allow myself during the Christmas season, is the plain old Iced Sugar Cookie. (<– Okay, there’s a recipe linked. Don’t know if it’s the best, but it looks damn good to me.)

Anyway, I have these tempting me right now:


I’m thinking breakfast…

Okay, while I add another couple of pounds to my middle section, head on over to Leslie Hachtel’s blog and check out her cookies as the Romance Writers Weekly blog hop continues at:

Also check out Leslie’s wonderful novel Once Upon A Tablecloth:

Once Upon a Tablecloth by [Hachtel, Leslie]

4 thoughts on “Give me a little sugar.

  1. I like your train of thought on Christmas cookies…best when eaten.
    Enjoy your holidays, S.C. Mitchell, and good luck on the “Z Bot” book! I’m reading “Son of Thunder” right now.

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