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The Defiant Bride by [Hachtel, Leslie]


Whether you’re joining me from Leslie Hachtel’s blog  or starting your blog hop here, welcome.

Leslie is also giving us today’s topic: Let’s talk about your New Years’ Resolutions.

I’m not the kind that makes really hard New Years resolutions. I’ve tried and usually failed, instead I try to set some goals to strive toward. My goals for this year include:

  1. Re-branding. Look for a new look to my website, social media, and Amazon pages.
  2. Advertise and grow my readership. I’m going to put a little more effort into getting the word out: “Hey, I write stuff.”
  3. Lose weight. (On the list every year. usually a fail, because I like to eat and hate to exercise.)
  4. Write, write, write, or, yeah, and write.

Anyway, goals are set, full steam ahead.

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And check out Brenda’s amazing new novel, No Life But This: Click here to read an excerpt.


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