Valentine’s Day.

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The Defiant Bride by [Hachtel, Leslie]


The wonderful Leslie Hachtel is giving us today’s topic: Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day. Why is it special for you? And what do you wish for?


Oh wow, loaded question. As a romance writer, Valentine’s Day stands as the perfect celebration of love and romance. It offers a great opportunity, in stories and real life, to bring your “A Game” when it comes to doing something special with that someone special. No excuses. This is the day. Do it.

Dinner, movie, Netflix & chill, a long walk on the beach, and guys, if you’re ready, bend that knee. What could be more romantic?

No, really, I’m asking a question here. What could be more romantic? If you’ve got some ideas, share them in the comments below.

And speaking of Valentines Day, did you know that my story, Valentine’s Day Canceled, in the Soul Mate anthology My Sexy Valentine is also part of my Heavenly War series?

My Sexy Valentine by [Yeko, Cheryl, Spelling, Sage, Cahoon, Lynn, Mitchell, S.C., Susedik, Tina, Chaffin, Char]

Heavenly War Series (2 Book Series) by  S.C.  Mitchell S.C. MitchellA Requiem for Poseidon (Heavenly Wars) by [Mitchell, S. C.]

And I’m working on the next chapter, titled A Legacy of Lightning right now. Look for it this coming fall. If I did have a Valentine’s day wish, it would be that the book was already written. I’ve put this one off far too long.

Now, hop on over to Leslie Hachtel’s blog to find out her Valentine’s Day wish, as the Romance Writers Weekly blog hop continues at:


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