Making my stand…

I’m an old, straight, white guy. Pretty much the poster child of privilege in America and in many places around the world. I’m not famous. I’m not rich. I’m not much of an “influencer.” I’m just a storyteller who happens to have won a couple of awards for the novels I’ve written.

My blog and my platform are for the promotion of myself and my writing, and in normal times I would never post anything about politics, religion, or social issues unless it had something to do with something I was writing.

These are not normal times.

With the chaos erupting in our streets across the country, I feel we need to use whatever platforms we have, to stand up for what we believe. So here is what I believe:


Black lives matter. Black lives matter poster or banners. Black lives matter social protest

It is not right that certain communities need to live in fear of the very security force put in place to protect us all. Yes, there are other ethnicites who suffer this as well, but the black community has been historically held down. And if your answer to Black Lives Matter is All Lives Matter, you have not been listening and really don’t understand what the phrase means.


When two (or more) people find a loving relationship with each other, in a form that is mutually acceptable, it is a good thing. I may not understand what drew you together or the bonds you’ve forged, but it is wrong for me to judge or condemn your relationship. Love who and how you need to.

Women’s rights are human rights word on pink paper texture background

I am a proud feminist. A woman’s body is her own.

No Human is illegal protest banner at a political march

We are all people. Your country of origin was not your choice. America is strengthened by every diversity we embrace. Any culture, any religion should be accepted here, and the pathway to citizenship should be easy and accessible to all.


Science is Real

The earth is not flat. Climate change is real. And while I’m not fully trusting of the big drug companies, COVID-19 is showing the necessity for inoculations and herd immunity. We deny science to our own peril.

Inspirational quote - Think good thoughts. Say nice things. Be good to yourself. Do good for others. Everything comes back. With flower in hand on bright blue sky rural view background.

…and be excellent.

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