Cover reveal – Requiem for Poseidon (2nd edition)

Today I took down the first edition of Requiem for Poseidon. Oh, it’s still there, old cover and all, but soon it will magically change to the 2nd edition with the new cover. Here’s what the cover will look like:

Now this magic will only happen on the Kindle version of the book. The old 1st edition paperback will endure, though the book will remain out-of-print. You will be able to purchase used versions on Amazon there if some are available. A new, matching paperback will eventually appear as well, linked with the new Kindle version.

This story, while short, has changed a bit-enough to warrant this being a 2nd edition-although the ending and it’s effects on the Heavenly War series remain the same..I have also added in the first chapter of the new version of Son of Thunder in this volume.

And speaking of the Heavenly War series, yes, it’s coming back soon. Release date for the 2nd edition of Son of Thunder is scheduled for Oct. 1st. A cover reveal and pre-order link will be coming soon. This book is done and I am hard at work on the second book, Daughter of Darkness, which I am hoping to release Nov. 1st.

Stay tuned. It’s going to be a wild couple of months here.

(Or should I have said…a Wilde couple of months here?)