Valentines Day Canceled – canceled

Hello readers and happy Valentines day (tomorrow).

This is the time of year I usually would be talking about the Soul Mate Valentines Day collection – My Sexy Valentine that featured my story, Valentines Day Canceled.

It was a great collection of stories that I loved contributing to. I say was, because it’s now gone, out of print, with only a few used paperbacks available on Amazon.

The contracted period for my story came up in January, and Soul Mate decided not to renew the book, so i got my rights back.

But, this is good news because the story I wrote was a part of my Heavenly Wars series that was sometimes hard to find for my readers, and with the rights back, I’ve had the opportunity to re-edit and update the story, as I’ve been doing with all my Heavenly wars books.

And I’m happy to announce that the story, now renamed The Dance Of Revelation will be included as a bonus feature in the upcoming 3rd book in the series, Legacy of Lightning.

Legacy of Lightning

By S. C. Mitchell

Book 3 in the Heavenly Wars series where mythic gods wage war for the future of our world.

The blood of Zeus ran through his veins, but does he have what it takes to wield Zeus’ lightning bolt.

Stavros, the son of Zeus and Hera, inherited his father’s lightning bolt powers. Yes, theoretically, he also inherited the throne of Olympus, but does that really matter? Mount Olympus lays in ruins, and the Greek gods are few and scattered. Still, he pledges to help end the war that took everything from his people.

Working with the Asgaardian gods, Stavros meets Hilde, a powerful sorceress. When the Alliance of Evil Gods kidnaps Odin, attempting to steal the Odin Force for Loki, Stavros and Hilde are thrown into a roller-coaster ride adventure filled with danger, suspense, and romance.

This book also contains the bonus feature: Dance of Revelation.

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