And they’re out!

Legacy of Lightning and Dance of Revelation are now live in both Kindle and paperback formats. And coming soon in Audio featuring the golden tones of Larry Gorman.

Legacy of Lightning

Can the new King of Olympus defend his shattered realm against overwhelming forces?

Stavros, the son of Zeus and Hera, inherited the throne of Olympus, but does that really matter? Mount Olympus lays in ruins, and the Greek gods are few and scattered. Still, Stavros has pledged to help end the war that took everything from his people.

Working with the Asgaardian gods, Stavros meets the powerful sorceress, Hilde. When the alliance of evil gods kidnaps Odin in an attempt to steal the Odin Force, Stavros and Hilde are thrown into the midst of a conflict that threatens to bring the mortal realm to the edge of Armageddon.

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Dance of Revelation

Can a magical dance reveal the next Queen of Asgaard?

When the fertility goddess, Astrid, performs the Dance of Revelation for King Magni, he encounters something he doesn’t understand and refuses to accept. Now haunted by the vision and feelings that overpower him, he fights an internal battle while dark elves threaten the gates of Asgaard.

By the time Astrid understands what happened during the dance, the King’s wrath has already rained down on her. How can she explain what happened to him, if he won’t let her near?

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I hope you enjoy these new additions to the Heavenly War saga.

Stay Safe. Adventure in a book


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