Wednesday Special Spotlight The Soul Mate Tree book five

Soul Mate Tree books are like pokemon. You gotta get ’em all…

C.D. Hersh

Wednesday Special Spotlight


Make Me a Match


Mackenzie Lucas

About Mackenzie Lucas

Mackenzie Lucas is an avid reader of genre fiction. She writes contemporary and paranormal romance, and listens to an eclectic mix of music. She loves a good story, whether it’s an erotic short, a full-length romance novel, or the narrative slice-of-life found in country music. In any story, emotional integrity and authenticity are most important to her as well as a big dose of romping hot sexual tension. She enjoys smart-mouthed, sexy heroines, hunky alpha heroes who know how to take care of their women, and plot twists that surprise her, but most of all, she just wants to experience the satisfying emotional arc of a character falling in love and finding what he or she needs most in life.
Mac is a small-town country girl with a world-traveler’s heart. She grew up in the Allegheny…

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Cover Reveal – Foolish Bride by A. S. Fenichel


Today I’m pleased to offer up a cover reveal for my friend and awesome author A. S. Fenichel:

Foolish Bride


Title: Foolish Bride
Series: The Forever Brides
By A.S. Fenichel
Genre: Historical Romance
Release Date : 3/28/2017
Publisher : Kensington Books
ISBN: 9781601839657



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Sadly ever after. . . unless some dreams really do come true?
Elinor Burkenstock never believed in fairy tales. Sure, she’s always been a fool for love—what woman isn’t? But Elinor knows the difference between fiction and truth. Daydreams and reality. True love and false promises. . . . Until the unthinkable happens, and Elinor’s engagement is suddenly terminated and no one, least of all her fiancé, will tell her why.
Sir Michael Rollins’s war-hero days seem far behind him when, after onelast hurrah before his wedding, he gets shot and his injuries leave him in dire shape. He wants nothing more than to marry Elinor, the woman of his wildest dreams. But Elinor’s father forbids it . . . and soon Michael is faced with a desperate choice: Spare Elinor a life with a broken man or risk everything to win her heart—until death do they part?

About the Author:

A.S. Fenichel gave up a successful career in New York City to follow her husband to Texas andA1 Headshot asf pursue her lifelong dream of being a professional writer. She’s never looked back.

A.S. adores writing stories filled with love, passion, desire, magic and maybe a little mayhem tossed in for good measure. Books have always been her perfect escape and she still relishes diving into one and staying up all night to finish a good story.

Look for her on the Historical or Paranormal Romance shelves. A.S. is the author of The Demon Hunters series, The End of Days Trilogy, Wishing Game, and more. A.S. will be bringing you her brand of edgy romance for years to come.

Originally from New York, she grew up in New Jersey, and now lives in the East Texas with her real life hero, her wonderful husband. When not reading or writing she enjoys cooking, travel, history, and puttering in her garden. Her babies are both rescues and include; a demanding dog and a temperamental cat, both bring constant joy and laughter.

A.S. loves connecting with readers. Here’s where you can find her.

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We’d Love to hear what you think of this new cover. A.S. Will be checking in and responding to any comments.

Romance Weekly – My Life As A Romance Novel

Welcome to the romance Writers Weekly blog hop, where every week a great group of romance writers answer questions and accept challenges. Diverse in what we write, we are unified in the quest to bring you, the romance reader, a very happy ever after.

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Geek God

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Today’s topic comes from Victoria Barbour – If your life was a romance novel, what subgenre would it be, and why would your heroine be amazing? Also, what would you call it? Can you write a blurb for it?



Subgenre: Lets label it a steamy contemporary that just accidentally got shelved with the sweet romances.

Why my heroine is amazing: They say that behind every famous man there a great woman standing behind him. To stand behind a not-so-famous man, especially one who wants to be a romance writer… that’s amazing!


Title: Sleepy in Sheboygan

Hey, I even made a cover:

Sleepy in Sheboygan


Passion erupts with all the intensity of Leave It To Beaver as retired sexagenarians Laurie and Steve leave their home town of 37 years to move to the big city. Waistlines expand rapidly with the discovery of each new fabulous restaurant and heads spin in the tasting rooms of numerous local wineries.

As winter closes in on them, that quiet new home in the quiet neighborhood sizzles with each new episode of Top Chef they consume.

But when Steve oversleeps on garbage day, it’s all they can do to get the bags to the curb on time.

Sure to spark an afternoon nap, Sleepy in Sheboygan is the first book in the Are You Kidding Me? He’s Making This A Series? series.


Look out New York Times Bestsellers List, here I come.


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Romance Weekly – Firsts

Welcome to the romance Writers Weekly blog hop, where every week a great group of romance writers answer questions and accept challenges. Diverse in what we write, we are unified in the quest to bring you, the romance reader, a very happy ever after.

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Falling Stars

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Mountain Fire

Today on our blog hop Brenda Margriet provided our topic: Let’s talk about “Firsts.” Everyone can choose their top three “First” memories and write about those (they don’t have to be on the list here). Some suggestions are: First book you remember reading (or being read to you). First romance novel you fell in love with. First “big” trip (eg. out of country, out of state/province, without parents). First love/kiss. First pet. First Christmas/other holiday (eg. when you were a child, after you were married, after your first child.)



So lets dive in. Here are my three “firsts.”

My first book love:


My early years were spent with my nose in a comic book most of the time. I loved stories, but was not much of a fan of words without pictures. Until I stumbled upon Robert E. Howard’s Conan series about the age of fourteen. Suddenly I had no trouble drawing the pictures in my mind. It’s what started my love of reading.


My first Romance:


You never forget your first romance. Mine was Enchanted by Nora Roberts. My wife handed it to me after checking it out at the library and said, “You might like this.” Boy did I ever.


My first published book:


Swiftly Half Cover3

Cover created in Microsoft Paint. A self-publishing experiment. It had it’s issues, but it was all mine. It still is. And if you’d like a copy, I’ve got it up for FREE today. New cover, and a bit more editing:



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