Instrument of Treachery is finished!

Hi readers,

If you’ve been following the weekly chapters I’ve been dropping on Kindle Vella for Instrument of Treachery, you know we’re approaching the end point. Well today I finally reached “The End.”

Of course, what’s been posted on Vella is the raw, unedited story, so there have been and will be some revisions during the edit process, but for the most part, I’m happy with the story..

So, what’s next?

First off, you will see the remaining chapters dropping more often, probably one every other day or so, as I enter the editing process in full on the project. Once all chapters are posted, I will close the project on Vella, which means I must wait 30 days before publishing the book. Expect the full book in eBook and paperback formats sometime in late June or early July.

To help promote the series, I’m having the Demon Gate Chronicles series completely recovered. Stay tuned for the reveal of these gorgeous new covers.

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Adventure on,


A World Re-Imagined

They’re gone, as promised.

My old Demons Rising series is no longer available to make way for my new series, The Demon Gate Chronicles.

In this new series I took each book, tore it apart, and added, changed, and re-edited and I’m happy to announce that the first book will be out on November 28. (Yes, less than 3 weeks.)

Introducing: Awakening.

Awakening (ebook cover).png


Demons among us…

Thousands of years ago, a portal opened between Earth and the demon dimension of Ballor. Since that time, demons have been crossing over to hide among us cloaked in illusion.
Jack Hughes is cursed. Each full moon, his body is taken over by a demonic force. He’s learned to cope by locking himself in a cell each night to keep the demon from breaking free. It’s a dark secret he’s not willing to share with anyone, until one night when the demon breaks out.

Sorceress Anna Brown is one of the leading experts on demons for the Arcanists. She knows Jack’s secret and how to help him, if he’ll let her. The local demons are after Anna. She has a power they want to control. Does she have enough magic to save Jack and keep the local Demon Lord at bay?
The Kindle version of this book is now available for pre-order on Amazon: