I’m alive!!!

Wow, has it really been over a month since I last blogged? Sorry about that.

Not much is happening right now. I did finish up my Novel, Son of Thunder and sent it of to my agent. There is still no movement on my previous two stories, Templar’s Gate and There’s no such thing as werewolves, but my agent is still hopeful that they will sell.

Over the past few weeks I’ve been doing some catch-up on things around the house, and relaxing a bit, but now I feel I’m ready to launch into a new project. I’m in the process of coming up with a couple of characters, a really high tree, and a big pile of rocks to throw at them once I get them up there. It would be fun.

I’m considering going back into the world of Templar’s Gate/Werewolf but place the story in a dark future. The main characters will be the children of the original two books. She is a witch who can change into a Warghan (Werewolf) and he is a battlemage who’s lived all his life in the demon dimension.  The world we know will have become a dark and dangerous place, as the demons gain control of government and corporate interests and use them to gain wealth and power. It should be a great place to visit (read about) but I certainly wouldn’t want to live there.

So, I’m off to do a bit of writing. The first chapters are starting to solidify in my head. Time to get something down on paper.

Again, sorry for the long break from blogging, I will try to be more regular.


New year. New project.

I’m waiting on a bit of last minute beta input on There’s no such thing as Werewolves, but for the most part it’s ready to send out to my agent. I wrote up the summary this morning and I am quite excited on how it all turned out.

My plan has been to jump over to my Fantasy Novel at the start of the year, but that has all changed. A new story has been growing in my mind lately and I just have to get it down. I made a trip to the library yesterday to pick up some books on Norse Mythology. My hero is going to be the son of Thor, and I’ll be working in lots of Norse gods and myths. Think  Sherrilyn Kenyonish romance, Percy Jackson all grown up, and a dash of Lefse for spice. (“…dash of Lefse for spice.” that’s probably the first time that line has ever been used 🙂 )

Anyway, I am naming the project Son of Thunder and really looking forward to jumping into it.

Happy Holidays.


Alpha ready.

Today I feel like a writer. I was up at around 3:30 this morning feeling like I just had to finish the rough draft of my current WIP,  There’s no such thing as werewolves. This is what I call the Alpha version, and as I compose this post it just finished printing out on my printer.

As I write I sometimes leave holes in the story that I need to go back and plug, because I just cant wait to write the next scene, or a section is giving me some problems. Eventually I have to go back and plug those holes in the document. This is for me the hardest part of writing.

The concept through the initial run through is the fun/exciting part of writing for me. I rush ahead, and discover the story as it unfolds. I get to know my characters, run them up a tree, and throw rocks at them. Fun! I jump forward and avoid the parts I’m just not sure of, or am not ready to write. Then comes clean-up time, and it becomes really easy to avoid writing entirely, which I have been guilty of, quite a bit, over the past few weeks. It’s also why I haven’t posted here lately. (Sorry)

Anyway, as of this morning the hard work on this story is done. Now comes the polish, where first I go through a printed out (Alpha) version looking for obvious errors/problems/stuff-I-really-thought-was-good-when-I-wrote-it-but-in-reality-sucks. From this beast will emerge the Beta version of the story, which will be sent to a group of friends that I trust to be brutally honest with me about how much the story stinks. I’ll have a couple of weeks where I won’t look at the story at all. In fact I’m planning on writing something completely different during the time the story is at my Betas.

Eventually these wonderful people will get back to me with comments, corrections, and input on the story which I will go through and accept or reject, before the final phase of the project, where I will put together a summary of the story and send it off to my agent.

It is my hope that this story will be in my agents hands before Christmas, and I will be starting the new year off, up to my chin in my fantasy novel I’ve titled Amulet of the Fallen God. It should be about 4 to 5 times longer than the Templar stories, and be a bit of a change from that line. There is at least one more Templar story to tell, but I’m not quite ready to write it yet.

So, the Alpha awaits me. A break and Lunch comes first. Then a quiet corner, a cup of tea…and revision.

Look out Betas, here it comes….


Oh, the distractions of life.

Between home renovations and repairs, traveling, and a rather nasty sinus infection it’s been a pretty busy couple of weeks, but I’m happy to announce that today There’s no such thing as werewolves went over the 20,000 word mark. I expect the story to end up at around 25,000 words so I’m closing in on the finish of the rough draft. I have to admit this story has been fun to write, and there have been quite a few surprises along the way.

I tend to write straight through a story, without any outline and only a vague idea of where the story will end up. As usual this one got sidetracked, and taken over by the characters on a regular basis, but I’m starting to believe that my characters write a better story than I do. So it’s all to the good.

I have coming up, toward the end of the month, two weeks where I will be on the road. I’m sure my writing will be spotty and my blogging nonexistent during that time, so I’m hoping to finish up the rough draft and have a good start on the first edit before I leave. I would like to have the work in the hands of my beta readers by mid November, and in the hands of my agent before Christmas.

I do plan on having an interview with my Agent here soon, so you can get to know her a bit. It’s in the works, I promise.

Until next time,


More good news

I just received word from my agent that along with Templars Gate she will also be representing my short story Dark Awakening. So I will now have two stories ‘in play’ as I finish up There’s no such thing as werewolves, which is turning out to be a very fun prequel to Templars Gate.

My new agent, by the way, is Saritza Hernández. She is the ePub Agent at the L. Perkins Agency ( http://www.lperkinsagency.com/home ). I am so thrilled to have her on board. I plan to do a ‘Meet my agent’ blog soon, so we can all get to know her better.

Right now I have a Letter of Agreement to fill out and send, and some writing to do, so until next time…


I have an agent!

Yesterday was a very exciting day for me. I received an email from a literary agent who would like to represent me and my work. Once all the paperwork is done she will start to shop Templars Gate to publishers and is ready help me place any of my other work. Needless to say, I am thrilled. This is probably the biggest step in my writing career yet.

So, I have made the decision to change gears (once again) and shelve my Fantasy Novel for now. I plan on working on a story called There’s no such thing as Werewolves, which is a companion piece to Templars Gate, set in the same universe. The story is a lot of fun. It expands a bit on the lore of the demons and brings in a few of the characters from Templars Gate. Love interests Jack (who thinks he’s a ware wolf, simply because he changes into a beast every full moon) and Anna (an herbalist/sorceress who knows better). The story actually happens before the events of Templars Gate. I’m going to try to hurry it along, as I’d like to give my agent (My Agent – I love the sound of that) both stories to shop around with the idea that one may help to sell the other.

Right now I have at least two more stories in my head set in the Templars Gate Universe. It should be a fun journey.

As the rain continues to fall here in the northwoods, there’s plenty of sunshine at my house today. Time to write…


I’m Back

Wow! What a week. Gencon this year was a blast. I got no work done on my writing, but I did attend some great writing workshops. A big thanks to Elizabeth Vaughan for being inspiring. My first order of business tomorrow (Wednesday is now Library Day) is to find some of her books and devour them.

I did do some work yesterday and today on a yet untitled Fantasy Novel that I believe will become my current WIP. It’s hard fantasy but has romantic elements. I have a little over 16,000 words at this time, and I’m aiming for around 100,000, so I have a ways to go. It’s set in the same world (named Harth) as my severed chapter, but happens about 500 years later. The book that the severed chapter is from still sits in utter disarray, but serves as a good basis for the current project. Of course it is my hope that an entire series, chronicling the vast history of the world of Harth is eventually published.

Time will tell.


Exciting News

Some good news about my writing I could not wait to share. I received an email from the New York City Literary Agent about my submitted story that starts out:

“First, I love the idea and I truly think it can be a great sale…”

It also Includes:

“it’s just not ready yet.”

Not a sale, but for sure not a rejection. It looks like I have a bit of revision to do before she is ready to represent my story. This is not unexpected of course, and you can bet I will be moving full steam ahead on the revision.

This also means that I will be going back to my werewolf story as my current WIP. This story is set in the same world as the submitted story, and should give me a good followup should my original story sell.

Life moves on. Just 18 more days to retirement and my new, full time career as a writer.


Looking for my Voice

I hear that writers need to ‘find their voice’ and that voice is very important in query letters to agents and publishers. So I’m on a mission to find my voice. Now maybe this is it, maybe I already have my voice, and I just have to keep speaking with it. I guess time will tell.

No news yet on the story I sent off last week to the New York City Literary Agent (you just knew I was going to work that in, didn’t you?). From everything I read it’s much to early to be expecting a reply, but that doesn’t stop me from continually checking my email.
I joined the absolutewrite.com community today. It seems like a really good and nurturing community for writers.

I have decide to try to blog on Tuesdays and Thursdays plus the occasional Saturday to keep it regular and make it a habit

I think I need a catchy end line, but I don’t have one yet.