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Today’s topic comes from the wonderful Jenna Da Sie – Start from the end. You’re the ghost of Christmas future. Write about your life from your funeral to the present. How were you celebrated?

Grim, yet interesting.

I hope people will smile and laugh when they remember me. I know grief is part of the process but . . . ugh.

As an author, I hope my books will live on and continued to be read. And while I don’t have any deep-seated religious beliefs, I do hope there is something beyond.

I think my greatest worry is that I know I will die with so many unwritten stories and characters in my head. Or further stories of the characters I’ve already written about. What happens to them? Could heaven be a place where they all come to life? Where I can share a tankard of mead with Jord Thorson at an inn in Asgaard? Where I can take a seat on the bridge of the Starboard Mist with Rik and the crew to fly through space?

Hopefully I’ve got a little more time yet to write. There are a lot of stories rumbling around in my head.

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A Promise Remembered

The next volume in the wonderful Soul Mate Tree saga comes out today!


The legend of the soul mate tree:

I am old, I am ancient, my purpose is clear

To give those who are needy a treasure so dear.

They who come to my roots, touch my bark, stroke my leaves

Find the soul of their lives if they but believe.

When I call and you listen, your prize will be great

If your heart remains open and you don’t hesitate.

Do you yearn? Be you lonely? Is your time yet at hand?

Reach for me and I’ll give to you. I’m yours to command.

For your trust, for your faith, keep my secrets untold

And I’ll gift you forever, to have and to hold.

Soul Mate tree promo.jpg

An ancient legend spanning eras, continents, and worlds. To some, it’s nothing more than a dream. To others, a pretty fairy tale handed down through the generations.

For those in critical need of their own happy ending, a gift.


A Promise Remembered.jpg

Two souls entangled in an eternal echo of true love . . .

Rowan and James have been drawn together in every existence since the beginning of time. But love’s sweet promise is cut short after an unthinkable tragedy strikes two young families, shattering the bond in this lifetime.

Is love stronger than death? Can Rowan and James find another way to each other? Against all odds, a forgotten promise is remembered and kept, reuniting two souls destined to be together.




About Erin Riley

Erin S. Riley has an undergraduate degree in psychology, a graduate degree in clinical counseling, and is a board-certified lactation consultant. Since Erin was a child, she has been fascinated with human nature and what motivates behavior. She enjoys writing suspenseful, complicated love stories that take the reader on an emotional journey and end in happy tears. Erin is the author of the Sons of Odin Series: Odin’s Shadow; A Flame Put Out; and Oath Breaker. Her first paranormal romance, A Promise Remembered, releases in June 2017.