The severed chapter – Severed once again

I am beginning the redesign/reboot of this blog and my first act was to get rid of the severed chapter section. In the following weeks I will be also deleting Purple Passion and A Passion for Painting. I have decided to abandon the Passion for Painting project as I have been pulled into a new writing project that is absorbing a lot of my time right now and could mark a new direction in my career. I’ll give you some more details as the project unfolds. It’s something I’m very excited about.

Until next time…


A bit of naughty fun

Okay, I know it’s been a while, and I really apologize. I have been working hard on the final edit of Templars Gate. That’s not an excuse, but I’m hoping the following will make up for it.

Recently I took a day off of my editing to answer a challenge on the Absolute Write boards and had a lot of fun writing a sex scene using as much Purple Prose as I could cram into it. If you don’t know what Purple prose is, I think it will be painfully obvious by the time you read the passage. I would link you to it, but it’s so deep in the boards it would take 2 different passwords to get to it, so I decided to post it here.

Warning – if you do not want to see sexually explicit prose, or are under age please don’t click. For the rest of us, there is a new heading above called Purple Passion .



Back story

I’ve been reading a lot lately on writing do’s and don’ts. One thing I learned recently is that you should start your book at the beginning of the story.

A few months ago I pulled out my original book. I do this every few years. Dust it off and work on it for a while until I realize how crappy it really is. I’ve been working on this thing for almost thirty years now, and I don’t know if there’s enough polish in the world to make this sad story shine. But I started at the beginning and actually wrote a complete new chapter 1. It set the scene, gave lots of background. Things I thought you’d want to know about the hero. It was…BACK STORY!!

Okay, some of this back story will make its way into the book (if I ever finish) but with all I’ve read recently I know that the worst place to put it is in Chapter 1. So I’m going to have to cut it out. A whole chapter. Ouch!

Then I thought, maybe it just needs a new home. So I brought it here. You should notice a new heading up above: The Severed Chapter. Here you will find this tidbit. It’s kind of a little story all it’s own, and at least representative of my writing style.

I hope you enjoy it.


(still no witty tag line)