Have you ever wished you could go back and relive parts of your life knowing everything you do now? I know I do.

Starting out on this whole writing adventure I made my share of mistakes. Thankfully, at least on my self-published books, I always have the opportunity to go back and make changes. This will be the third, and hopefully last, set of changes to my 4 novellas, which will include new covers and tweaking in the text fonts and interior design to improve readablilty. The stories themselves will not change, so if you have an earlier version there’s no reason to update.

Anyway, today I posted the updated files for the print and digital version of Swiftly Beats The Heart so it is currently unavailable for purchase. When it comes back up all the new stuff will be (hopefully) active.

Here’s the new cover:

Swiftly Half Cover3

I get around.

Remember the old Beach Boys song, I get around? That’s how I’m feeling right now.

Yesterday I had a featured blog on Katie Teller’s wonderful blog:

This morning Lisa Cardiff highlights Son of Thunder:

And to celebrate, I’ve put up Swiftly Beats The Heart for Free through the end of the month:

Swiftly half Cover

Get your copy today!

Gone but not forgotten.

As I write this, my first published work is disappearing from Amazon and CreateSpace. Swiftly Beats The Heart (First Edition) is no more.

Let’s pause a moment to remember:

NewSmall cover

The cover was done in Microsoft Paint. I hovered over the <Save and Publish> button for long moments wondering if i was doing the right thing.

That was a year and a half ago. How things change.

Of course, the reason the first edition had to die was so the second edition could be born.

Coming soon:

Swiftly half Cover

It’s time to say goodby to the old and embrace the new. The new edition features this new cover, plus up to date information on my other published works including a bonus chapter from There’s no such thing as Werewolves.

Now I’m not saying the old edition is going to become a collectors item, but if (when?…okay we’ll stay with if) I do become famous you never know…

My Brand!

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about my brand, and come to the conclusion it was time to change some things. Over the next few months I will be doing fresh edits on Swiftly Beats The Heart and the Demons Rising trilogy, that include added features and new covers. These will be second editions, which means my first editions will be going away. Get ‘em while you can, though I can’t guarantee they’ll be collectors items.


Thanks to the help of longtime friend Don Schlishing (, I have a new graphic of my name to use on my new covers:

SCMitchell (white)

And I’ve been playing around with redesigning my covers. Here is the new cover for Swiftly Beats The Heart:

Swiftly Cover

I don’t have a timeline yet for the rollout, but I hope to have all four 2nd editions out before Christmas.

Get ready for act 2!

Well, my brief stint as an actor is over (for now anyway). We had a great run this weekend. Lots of laughs and applause, so I must have done something right.

I had a ton of fun, and interacted with an incredibly talented cast and crew.

And…I’m exhausted. After the final performance we tore down the set, and moved costumes, props and set pieces back into storage. There is so much that goes on before and after the show that people don’t see, and so many people onstage and behind the scenes that make the magic happen. It is a complete team effort.

It was a creative process much like my writing. We built scenes, created characters and told a story. We had a fantastic director to pull all the pieces together.

But, unlike writing, this was a group effort. Tomorrow (yeah, I’m giving myself today off) it’s back to just me and my computer.

Then again, I now have a publisher on my team, and an artist working on my book cover… and soon an editor helping me sharpen my story. I also have a wonderful (and growing) group of friends and fans, my audience, reading my books and following me. Maybe writing is not so different from putting on a play. If I think of Swiftly Beats the Heart as my overture and Demons Rising as my first act, then it appears that Son of Thunder is just waiting in the wings.

Get ready for Act 2!

Until next time,



Am I really here?

I just finished up a radio interview. It was an amazing moment. Yup, it’s just my local, small market radio station, but still…I was interviewed as the author of three books. I have an appointment on Thursday with a reporter from my local newspaper. In two weeks I have a ‘meet the author’ at my local public library. Sure it’s just a small step on my journey, and nowhere near where I want to end up, but as I look back just six months ago (before I published Swiftly Beats the Heart) I find myself happy with the progress I’ve made.

I am rarely satisfied with where I am – always wishing I could write faster, publish more. There is always so much more I want to do. But I think for right now, today, I will be happy with where I am.

Until next time,


The hazy days of summer.

It’s been a busy couple of weeks and I realized this morning just how long it has been since i updated this blog. Sorry about that. It was nice to keep the Book Trailer front and center for the past few weeks. I have received some nice comments on it and am very happy with how it came out.

June 1st – 3rd I attended the WisRWA Write Touch Conference. It was an excellent experience. Over 90 romance writers getting together to talk writing, publishing and the romance genre. I met two other male romance writers, and felt complete acceptance from the entire group. I did my first author signing, in a room filled with other published romance authors. It was quite exciting, and I think it went well. I was also able to pitch two agents that attended the conference, and received a request for a full read of Son of Thunder. It’s a very reputable agency. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that my search for a new agent is coming to a close.

Overall I came out charged up and ready to dive into the next Demons Rising novella: Knight of the night. This is the story of Salina Frye (from Werewolves) and Ryan Chamberlain (from Templar) and deals with the events following the closing of the demon gate. As the ravaged Arcanist and Templar forces seek to deal with the rising demon domination of their world, the rival groups need to put aside three thousand years of animosity and learn to work together. Expect some real fireworks.

Oh, and there’s one last thing:


I have decided to put the Kindle version of Swiftly Beats the Heart for free starting Wednesday (6/13) and running through Sunday (6/17), so if you are new to my blog, or just missed it in February, here’s a chance to add it to your Kindle collection.

Until next time,


Book Signing For Literacy

Just a quick note that i will be joining a great group of Romance Authors in a Signing for Literacy event on Saturday, June 2nd, from 5:00 – 6:00 pm at the Holiday Inn Hotel & Suites, 1000 Imperial Ave, Rothschild, WI. All three of my books will be available for sale as well as many others including Jade Lee, Zoe Archer and Elizabeth Hoyt. Stop out and meet some real romance authors (and me too) and help support literacy.

Click here for full information.

Price drop!

I’ve just dropped the price of my first book, Swiftly Beats the Heart, to $.99 for the Kindle version. I’m hoping to pick up a few more sales and generate some more interest. I really just love the idea that people are reading my words, and I’m hoping this price will make it more appealing for people to pick up and try my writing.

I’m also hoping for a few more reviews on Amazon, GoodReads, Etc….honest reviews from people I don’t know. It’s really the only way I’ll know if my writing is any good. I love my family and the many friends that told me how much they liked the story, but I really need unbiased opinions and true critique if I am going to advance as an author. I’m under no delusions that I’m writing great literature. I’m just at the start of this new venture, and any feedback, even a 1-star, scathing review, would probably be beneficial.

So, here we go…$.99. Buy it here:



Good things happen in threes

In writing there is the Rule of Three. It’s not so much a rule as a guideline, but it works. Sometimes the rule of three carries over to the real world and today I’ve got three pieces of good news to pass along:

First: The print version of Swiftly Beats the Heart is now available to purchase on CreateSpace by clicking here. It will also be available soon from (but I make a little more if you buy it direct from CreateSpace). I know there are some of you that are unable to read the Kindle Version. I hope you will pick this up and let me know what you think.


Second: Yesterday I received a request for a partial of Amulet of the Fallen God from one of the literary agents I queried. Of course it’s not a sure thing, but it is the first step in getting a new agent for my writing. Also, this was a well respected agency, who represent some awesome authors, with many books on the best sellers lists. I sure hope they like what they see.


Third: I am moving ahead on a deal that will possibly make Spanish & French translations and Audio books available for Swiftly Beats the Heart and any future self-published books.


There is so much happening right now, and it’s all very exciting. For the first time in my life, I think, I’m really looking forward to going to work each day.


Until next time,