Instrument of Treachery is finished!

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If you’ve been following the weekly chapters I’ve been dropping on Kindle Vella for Instrument of Treachery, you know we’re approaching the end point. Well today I finally reached “The End.”

Of course, what’s been posted on Vella is the raw, unedited story, so there have been and will be some revisions during the edit process, but for the most part, I’m happy with the story..

So, what’s next?

First off, you will see the remaining chapters dropping more often, probably one every other day or so, as I enter the editing process in full on the project. Once all chapters are posted, I will close the project on Vella, which means I must wait 30 days before publishing the book. Expect the full book in eBook and paperback formats sometime in late June or early July.

To help promote the series, I’m having the Demon Gate Chronicles series completely recovered. Stay tuned for the reveal of these gorgeous new covers.

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The Instrument of Treachery

I’ve finally gotten back to my Demon Gate Chronicles, and I’m happy to announce that book 4, The Instrument Of Treachery is coming along nicely. Nice enough that I’ve begun to publish the first chapters on Kindle Vella.

Here’s the cover:

The Instrument of Treachery

Archanist Kim Wakefield finds herself 3,000 years in the past on the doomed island of Atlantis. She knows the demons are about to attack. She knows the island is about to sink. And there is nothing she can do about it. Does she have what it takes to survive and get back to her own time?

Merc’vel Hove is an Atlantean council member and budding sorcerer who is given a divine task of building a gateway to another dimension by his goddess, Gaia. But the gateway opens into the demon dimension of Ballor and allows demons into our world. Is he the Instrument of Treachery that has doomed they whole world?

The Instrument of Treachery is the fourth book in the Demons Gate Chronicles. It’s a tale of love, tragedy, and triumph in a very dangerous world.

The first 3 chapters are up on Kindle Vella now, free to read at:

A 4th chapter will be up later today, and there will be a new chapter every Tuesday until the book is done.

Check it out.

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