The more things change…

I’m at the start of an exciting new transition in my writing life, and I’m excited to share it with you, my readers.

For a while now, I’ve been considering transitioning out of romance and into my first love, pure science fiction and fantasy. And I think now is the time. I’ve made some headway in the romance genre and won a few awards, but I haven’t found any real traction. And by that, I mean sales. I can’t seem to find much of an audience for my books. And I think it’s because I tend to be listed in the wrong genre.

So, I’ve decided to change gears…

Moving forward, I’m planning some new projects that will not be considered romance. Sure, there will probably be some romantic elements, but they will definitely be more fantastic adventures, without the assurance of a “happy ever after” ending.

And that brings me to my first project: The Demon Gate Chronicles.

A little over seven years ago, I published my second book, There’s No Such Thing As Werewolves, which evolved into my Demon’s Rising series. I’ve always meant to revisit this world and continue/conclude the story I began with these first three books.

Demons Rising

Over the past couple of months, I’ve taken these stories, re-titled, re-edited, revised, and re-imagined them, and I plan to release them soon. The romance elements have been softened. I’ve removed explicit sex scenes, and I’ve upped the dark urban fantasy elements to move them into a different genre. While the stories remain essentially the same, there will be some differences. So, to that end, the above books will soon be going away.


I’ve reduced the pricing on the Kindle ebook versions of these three books to just 99¢ in case anyone wants to read them in their original form. But they will only be available for the next couple of weeks.

You can find them here:

(But if it was me, I’d wait for the new versions, coming soon.)

Stay tuned for more information on this exciting new/old series.

Adopt a Werewolf #FREE

It’s Halloween season and time once again for our annual Adopt a Werewolf campaign. They’re furry, they’re sexy, and you know you want one.

I’ve got hundreds (maybe thousands) of these fluffy, cuddly, homicidal creatures packed up and ready to go. Quite frankly, the howling and snarling is starting to get on my nerves. And now is the best time to adopt your very own werewolf.


The wonderful people at had graciously consented to send them out #FREE to your Kindle or Kindle device. You simply have to stop by their site and click one button to have one winging it’s way.

That’s right, There’s no such thing as Werewolves is once again #FREE now through Halloween.

2nd edition half cover2.jpg

Get your before they’re all gone at:

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Check out Emma's Dance by Leslie Hachtel.

Check out Emma’s Dance by Leslie Hachtel.

If you’re starting your blog hop here, or just hopping over from Leslie Hachtel’s wonderful blog, welcome.

Coming soon. Preorder today.

Coming soon.
Preorder today.

Our topic today comes from the amazing A.S. Fenichel – Choose one of your books and tell us where the idea came from. Was it a dream, an overheard conversation, did it spark from a previous book you wrote? How did the idea come to you and how did it evolve into a full story. If you want to share a snippet, that would be awesome too. 😀


When I wrote my Demons Rising series I actually wrote the second book first, as a stand alone novella. It was that story, and one particular character, that inspired the series. Though the series features three separate romances, it’s really the story of Nathan Gray, the sorcerer who is so much more. He entered The Forsaken Templar tale a full-blown mystery man and I realized I needed a prequel story to fully flesh him out, so There’s No Such Thing As Werewolves was born.

Demons RisingHere’s the way Nathan first appeared to me (From The Forsaken Templar):

     With a crack of thunder the doorway to purgatory slid open, ripping the bonds of reality. Through the mist a gaunt, old man stepped between the world of the living and the world of the damned. Nathan Gray was seeking a soul.

     His crisp black suit and clean white shirt seemed an ordered contrast to the chaos around him. His stilted walk was slow but purposeful. It was not his age that he felt, but rather the weight of humanity resting on his shoulders.

     A thousand voices cried out in hope – so many souls, doomed to spend eternity in torment. Nathan hardened his heart against the assault on his senses.  He knew the one he sought. Geoffrey le Court had never once called out to him. Yet, of them all, Geoffrey was the most deserving of redemption.


The mystical vampire in the ruined castle

He started as a minor character, and quickly grew to dominate the series. So who is Nathan Gray? A good place to start answering that question is right here:

Now, continue your blog hop by joining the wonderful Jenna Da Sie at


The Demon Summer begins!

Today I’m kicking off my #DemonSummer with a special price on There’s No Such Thing As Werewolves. Just 99¢:

werewolf half cover2

There’s no such thing as Werewolves

Demons Rising: Book 1
Just because Jack turns into a hairy, wolf-like creature every full moon, doesn’t mean he’s a werewolf. Anna knows there’s no such thing as werewolves.

Anna Brown is a sorceress, and one of the leading experts on demons for the Arcanists. She knows how to help Jack shed the curse that plagues him, if he’ll let her, but the local demons are after Anna. She has a power they want to control. Does she have enough magic to save Jack and to keep the local Demon Lord at bay?

Jack Hughes trusts Anna to free him from his curse, but he doesn’t realize the danger she’s in until it’s too late. When Anna is captured by demonic creatures Jack realizes that the only way to free her is to embrace the beast he so wanted to be rid of. Can he save her under the bright, full moon or will demons from a dark dimension destroy them?

There’s no such thing as Werewolves is the opening salvo in the Demons Rising saga. It’s a love story between two special people who live in a very dangerous world.


USA Today: There’s no such thing as Werewolves (Video)

I had a nice surprise this morning in my inbox. USA Today featured the video book trailer for There’s no such thing as Werewolves on their Recommended Book Trailers site:


Check it out!

Update on Kindle Update.

I got a reply to my inquiry about Kindle Update. Say what you want about Amazon, they have always replied quickly to any problems I’ve had. Anyway, here’s what they sent me:

Hello Steve,

I hope you’re having a nice day!

I’m sorry for the issue you’ve experienced while trying to update the books version. What happens is that at this time, customers who have purchased a Kindle book cannot automatically download the revised content. Our technical team is aware of this issue, and are working towards automating this process.

In the meantime, we can manually send the updated content to your device. Before we send it, you should be aware that once the new content is received, features such as Highlights, Last Page Read and Bookmarks will be removed and the locations of notes may not match in the updated copy of your book.

If you still wish to receive the corrected version, I kindly ask you to reply back to us and let us know you want receive the new version. We’ll then send the revised content to your devices.

I hope this helps! If you need anything else from us, please don’t hesitate to contact us back. We’ll be glad to help you.

Thanks for using Amazon KDP.