The worlds of Steven Mitchell

Welcome to my world(s). Under the pen name Steven Mitchell I write fantasy and science fiction. In the course of my writing I have created, at least in my head, a few worlds that my characters can adventure in. This page is dedicated to chronicling my fantasy andscience fiction titles, their status, and links to where they can be purchased.

Heroes of Harth:

The Amulet of the Fallen God

Allsa, a battle-priestess of Thon, can only wonder at the circumstances that made her the leader of a rag-tag band of adventurers. But the old Human King is dead, and the Elven King is mad, and it’s up to her and her stalwart group to save the northlands from the impending Zarrum invasion.

When an ancient artifact falls into the hands of a young, inexperienced sorceress, Allsa finds herself shepherding the young girl through a dangerous land, to find an ancient wizard from a tale she doesn’t even believe is true. Luckily she does have the help of a grumpy old dwarf, an erudite elven wizard, a disagreeable mercenary, and a new-wave minstrel.

Amulet of the Fallen God is a fantasy with romance elements.

Status: Complete – Submitted to agents

The Butterfly Illusion

An elf on a mission of revenge against the Zarrum Empire becomes a pawn in the 2nd Gods War.

The Butterfly Illusion is a fantasy with romance elements.

Status: Work in progress (on hold)

Destiny Starflight:

Destiny: Cloud Fist

A gritty mix of Hunger Games and Battlestar Galactica. Michael is the youngest member of the ark-ship Cloud Fist.

Destiny: Cloud Fist is a hard Science Fiction thriller.

Status: Work in progress


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