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Welcome. If you’re joining me from J.R.Richardson’s blog, or if you are starting your blog hop here, welcome.   Cursed be the Wicked final

Have you read her amazing novel, Cursed be the Wicked? What are you waiting for?

Nobody's Angel  This week were talking about great beginnings. Sarah Hegger gave us this challenge:


A great opening line draws the reader in, makes them want to know more and compels them to read further. Share a great opening line, can be a classic or a more recent novel, tell us why you like it and then share the opening line to your newest WIP.

The opening line sets the tone of the whole book, and it’s probably the hardest line to write (at least before you hit that wall that is the second line).


Call me IshmaelMoby-Dick

It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a single man in possession of a good fortune, must be in want of a wife.Pride and Prejudice

It was a dark and stormy nightPaul Clifford (Okay, maybe not so much)


Anyway, when I think of great first lines, I always think of:

Rukbat, in the Sagittarian sector, was a golden G-type star.

If you recognize that line, then you are acquainted with an author who is probably my biggest influence, Anne McCaffrey.

That line appeared, though it was not the first line, in the introduction of her first Pern novel. In Dragonflight, it was actually the first line of the second paragraph. Thereafter, however, it became the opening line of the introduction of every one of the following Pern novels.

I have fond memories of purchasing every one of her amazing Pern stories and opening to that introduction. It read virtually the same in every book, yet I read each and every introduction before diving into the story, because here this amazing author set the stage, and drew me back into her wonderful world.


And now, here’s the opening line (still open for editing) of my latest Hearts in Orbit book, Pirates of the Dark Nebula (Coming this summer from Soul Mate Publishing):


Yup, that’s it. One word.

Kind of underwhelming isn’t it. Sorry, I’m no Anne McCaffrey.

But I’ll bet Collette Cameron has a great opening line for you. Stop on over to Blue Rose Romance and check it out.


And also check out Triumph and Treasure, The first book in her new series, Highland Heather Romancing a Scot.ColletteTriumphandTreasure_850HIGH


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