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If you’ve wondered in from Leslie Hachtel’s blog post or are just starting your hop here with me, get ready to talk taboo.

Last Chance Texas
Today’ s challenge comes from Tessa Gray: Romance novel readers are said to love emotionally satisfying endings. Are there issues you feel are taboo in romance novels that you wish you could write about? What are they?


I’m going to take this in a slightly different direction by answering no.

In this wide open publishing market there is opportunity to write just about anything and publish it. If you look hard enough you will probably find that everything and anything you think might be taboo, is probably already out there. The creepiest, strangest, and most cringe-worthy things we humans have swimming around in our brains are spilling out onto the written page. Some of them are even finding audiences.

I haven’t found anything that I’d like to write about that I felt I couldn’t…yet. But the human mind is a wonderfully extreme playground and creative types tend to push every boundary we think we have.

I mean if we can have this:


…are there really any limits?


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Into the Darkness


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