Our “Adopt A Werewolf Campaign” is back and it’s better than ever!

It’s that time of year again. Halloween. Don’t you love it? I know I do.

Now in the past years I’ve use this time of year to give away my novella There’s No Such Thing As Werewolves in our annual Adopt a Werewolf CampaignBut this year that book got an update and a new title: Awakening.
  And you can get it free!!!

If you’ve never read one of my Demon’s Gate books, it’s a great introduction to the world. And if you’ve already got the old version, it’s a good opportunity to catch up on the changes to the series. (Fun fact: The series is now set in and around the city of Sheboygan, Wisconsin.)

And even better:
Where before the ebook was only available in Kindle format, it is now available in all popular ebook formats.

Ready to download? Go here for your free copy in whatever format you read ebooks in: https://dl.bookfunnel.com/ka0o8uaae3


I’ve recently joined forces with a number of other great authors in the Gods & Goddesses Paranormal and Fantasy Book Fair. Lots of great reads all in one place.

Check it out at: https://books.bookfunnel.com/godsandgoddesses/f7qovhrcjc
And have a happy and safe Halloween.

Best Wishes! 


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