Dark Awakening

I had a great writing session and finished up Dark Awakening. I’m getting ready to send it out to my Beta readers and I thought it would be a good idea to stop by here and give you all just a taste. I’m very happy with the way it turned out.

Here’s just a snippet:


Heather Corbin awoke confused. It was either pitch black out, or she was completely blind. She couldn’t feel her body. Perhaps she wasn’t awake at all, but just drifting in a dream. The last thing she remembered was the crash. God, was she paralyzed and blind?

“Greetings, Mrs. Corbin. How are you feeling?”

The voice was cold and mechanical but at least her ears seemed to be working.

Confused was what she wanted to say. She thought it, willed it, but she couldn’t speak.

“That is understandable,” the voice said.

Can that thing hear my thoughts? she wondered.

“Yes, your body is not yet fully functional. I am communicating with you over a neural network connection. Please be calm. You will have full functionality shortly.”

Heather thought back to the crash. That idiot must have been drunk, swerving in and out of traffic. She remembered slamming on the brakes and skidding as he cut in front of her. Still he managed to clip her front end and nudge her off the road. Her car had hit the ditch and flipped. That was the last thing she remembered.

Was I hurt badly? She asked the voice.

“You were killed,” the voice replied flatly.

Images flashed through her head. A newspaper article, with the picture of her wrecked car and the headline: Three dead in multi car pileup. An obituary, HER obituary! A scene of a casket being lowered into the ground.

“It broke my heart to lose you.” It was another voice, a familiar voice.

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