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If you’ve wondered in from Jo Richardson’s blog post or are just starting your hop here with me, get set for some interesting views.


Emily's Vow


Our challenge today comes from Betty Bolte who asks: Our surroundings influence our mood and view of the world as much as setting in any story. What is the view outside your window, or what would you like the view to be?



Ah, the view from my office window:


A pretty conventional, Ozzie & Harriet kind of neighborhood. Most houses built in the 1960’s.

Does it inspire my writing? You wouldn’t think so at first glance.

But one of the best aspects of speculative fiction is finding the extraordinary in the ordinary. That house across the street has had workmen in and out of it for the past month. Are they doing some major remodeling…or building a command base in the basement. Maybe a mad scientist is constructing a lab right across the street from me. Explosions, shambling monsters, maybe a flying saucer landing in the back yard…I wouldn’t be surprised. But that’s just the way my head works. In any case, we’re a prime target for a zombie invasion.

Two male zombies standing in empty city street looking at camera


I don’t know if I need anything special in the view from my window to inspire my writing. maybe the complete normalcy of it all helps keep me grounded, though I do wonder what kind of stories i would be writing if the view out my office window looked more like this.

Futuristic City On An Alien Planet Part 2

Yeah, that might be cool…


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The Girl He Knows



10 thoughts on “Romance Weekly – The view from my window.

  1. My view used to look very similar to your first one there, Steven. And I love that you throw your love of sci-fi into this. That view is amazing. Tell me I can visit in the event of a zombie attack and I’m there.

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