Settling in

It is a wonderful Sunday morning. Rain is dripping off the roof and I am just about to jump into a two to three hour editing session on Templars Gate. Over the past week I have been settling in to a routine that seems to be working. Being a morning person anyway, I have begun to carve out a two to three hour block of writing time starting right around 8:00AM. I feel I’m making good progress on my projects.

I have to send out big Thank You‘s to my Templars Gate beta readers. Tammi, Mickey, Don and my wonderful wife have all given me some great insights into the weaknesses and short comings of the story as it stands so far. My wife, of course, has been pointing out my weaknesses and short comings for years, so she is a natural at this.

In any case, I am very grateful for all the input. I am hoping to pull apart and rebuild two to three chapters this morning. The goal is to have the story ready to submit by the end of the month.



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