Seeds of the Heavenly War

In writing Son of Thunder I created a whole new world for my characters to live, adventure and fall in love in. From time to time I plan to bring snippets of my world-building here to my blog. These are things that won’t probably appear in any Heavenly War book, but will bring some additional depth and understanding to the world and the war that rages in the heavens above it.

Seeds of War    

August 1883:

The Egyptian god, Set, looked down on the arid lands below, lands that had once been his. The all too familiar knot of disquiet clenched his stomach. There was a time when Egypt had been the world…and the world had been his. Mortals bowed to him in his temples, gifts and sacrifices were left at his altars. He’d been powerful—worshiped.

Osiris, Isis and the others didn’t understand. They were happy with the freedoms that came with being mythical. Powerless, frolicking fools. Of them all, only Apep stood with Set. The others just didn’t understand.

A few simple plagues, wars and disasters would bring the mortals back into the abandoned temples. Worship would flow like the waters of the Nile, and with worship would come power once again.

In frustration, Set reached for the last of his power, energy stored up over the past five hundred years—mortals, reading the mythology and wondering, for even a split second, if it couldn’t be true. It was belief, in its own way, but it yielded so little power. Still, there was something to draw on. Set needed a grand gesture, and searching the Earth he found a small volcanic island near Java that was ready to blow.

Mt fuji-258

It took only the merest nudge, yet required all the power Set had accumulated, to set the world on fire. Over 36,ooo people perished as a wide area rumbled with the explosion of the volcano. Two-thirds of the island of Krakatoa was destroyed and the shock waves were felt around the world.


“What have you done?” Ra said, as the chief Egyptian gods confronted him.

“What I had to,” he answered, but he wasn’t listening to their complaints. Through the fog another voice had reached out to him.

It’s about time!

Batara Kala from the Balinese pantheon had actually spoken across the barriers that separated the different mythic pantheons. It was unheard of, but it made Set smile. There were others, as dissatisfied as he.

A change in title.

No not Son of Thunder. That title stays the same, but as of today my title changes, from self-published author to published author.

Son of Thunder is here:

Son of Thunder Minicover

Launching today from Soul Mate Publishing (

It’s available on their site at:

It will also soon be coming up on Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Kobo. I will drop in the links as they appear.

Available in all popular ebook formats. Paperback coming soon.

The storm is coming!

The Heavenly War is about to begin!

A prophecy centering on a mortal woman, makes her the focus of events that could lead to Ragnarok, the Twilight of the Norse Gods and the end of the world.

Know this. The Son of Thunder and this daughter of Midgaard will venture to the lands of Svartalheim and Jotunheim, to the very bowels of Utgard Keep. The power of the three artifacts will be reunited and the old ways will pass. A secret from the past is the key to the future, but a life must be freely given if the golden city is to be saved.

From the icy wastelands of Svartalheim, land of the dark elves, to the towering peaks of Jotunheim, home of the frost giants, and right to the golden gates of Asgaard, the saga begins as war ravages the heavens.

Son of Thunder

Son of Thunder, coming this week from Soul Mate Publishing.

Get caught up in the storm…

Fab 5

This goes out to anyone who would like to be a published romance author:

Last year I entered Son of Thunder in the WisRWA Fab 5 contest. I didn’t win, I didn’t even show, but based on the input I got from the contest judges I ended up doing a complete rewrite. It made my story stronger and fixed some glaring problems. I don’t know if I would have sold it without the feedback I got from this wonderful contest. It was well worth the entry fee. Well, this year’s contest is in full swing, and if you have a work in progress you’d like to get in front of some very talented judges, think about entering.

Here’s all the info:

The Wisconsin Romance Writers of America’s Fabulous Five contest is still accepting entries!

This contest is available to writers unpublished in book-length romance fiction during the past five years. Self-published authors may also apply! Your entry must be limited to the first 2,500 words of your manuscript and must be submitted electronically. For an entry form and complete details regarding rules and eligibility, click the Contests link on our website:

Grab this opportunity for a critique of your work and the chance one of our final round judges may ask to see more of it. In last year’s contest, agents and editors requested eight full manuscripts and eight partials!

Inspirational writers: We’ve established a new category just for you!

Our fees continue to be among the lowest for contests of this type – just $18 for WisRWA members and $20 for all other entrants.

Deadline for entries is 11:59 CST, March 1, 2013. Categories are limited to thirty-five submissions each, so enter early to beat the rush!

Here’s our lineup of categories and final round judges for 2013:

Historical : Amanda Bergeron, Harper Collins

Inspirational: Natasha Kern, Natasha Kern Literary Agency

Futuristic/Time Travel: Latoya Smith, Grand Central Publishing

Romantic Suspense: Katherine Pelz, Berkley

Series Contemporary
(Long/short): Dana Hopkins, Harlequin Enterprises

Single Title: Nalini Akolekar, Spencerhill Associates

Women’s Fiction: Paige Wheeler, Folio Literary

Young Adult Laura Bradford, Bradford Literary Agency