Destiny’s Legacy Pre-order

Slowly but surely, I’ve been editing my old Hearts in Orbit books to fit into my new Destiny Universe and today I’m happy to announce that the first two books are done and up for pre-order. You can reserve your copy of The Blarmling Dilemma and Pirates of the Dark Nebula today.

The Blarmling Dilemma.

“They’re not animals. They’re people!”

Phoebe Callista’s pleas fall on deaf ears and she’s forced to rescue two helpless Blarmlings from certain death. Fleeing across a backwater sector of the galaxy, with Galactic Marshals in hot pursuit, Phoebe falls into the hands of a handsome but determined bounty hunter.

Rigel Antares has captured wanted criminals throughout the galaxy rim, but he’s never come across anything like Phoebe Callista. The gorgeous blonde sure knows how to play the innocent, and something deep inside wants to believe her, but Rigel has problems of his own—a ship that’s falling apart and an unscrupulous Galactic Marshal looking for any excuse to send him back to the prison planets of the Theiler System.

An intergalactic circus, vicious space pirates, and a planet full of backtechers cross their paths as Phoebe and Rigel fight to save a pair of adorable Blarmlings.

The Blarmling Dilemma releases Sept. 7th. Reserve your copy here:


Pirates of the Dark Nebula.

It can’t fall into the wrong hands.
Luna Callista holds the key to a galaxy-changing new technology. When she’s captured by a ruthless band of deep-space pirates, she’s rescued by a man filled with dark secrets of his own. Who is Rik Mazar?

Galactic protector or rogue pirate?
After three years undercover among the Brotherhood of the Dark Nebula, Rik Mazar isn’t sure what side of the law he’s walking. In a world of murder and betrayal, his life goes on the line every day. But, protecting Luna Callista means putting his heart in as much danger as his hide.

A rusting service droid, a Ferang fortuneteller, and a ship full of back-water refugees are their only allies, as Luna and Rik fight to save a galaxy in peril.

Pirates of the Dark Nebula releases Sept. 21st. Reserve your copy here: